Lake Travis Home

This project is a renovation and addition to a home on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.  Demolition and Construction should begin soon. When I receive new photos of its progress I will post them here.

(Please See Existing Photos and Plan Below).

The scope of the project includes:
  • Demolition of a structurally unstable Sunroom and Dining Room on the rear side of the house and rebuilding them with transomed windows, french doors, a vaulted, timbered ceiling in the Dining Room and an added Screened Porch for the Master Bedroom on the second story above the Sunroom.
  •  Removal of the stairs from the entry area of Main Living Room, as well as an awkward ”bridge/stair” connection to the newer Bedroom wing.
  •  A new Stair Addition between the original stone structure and the Garage/Bedroom wing.
  • Minor changes to the Kitchen layout associated with the existing stair removal.
  • Relocation of a bedroom/bathroom wall in the newer bedroom wing creating a second bathroom for two teenage girls.
  • The addition of a gable roof over the problematic flat roof of the newer Bedroom wing.

Water damage in the Sunroom addition led the owners to discover that its structural integrity, as well as that of the heavy deck sitting on its roof were becoming dangerous. Over the years the original one story, simple gable stone house has seen four separate additions, each one never fully working in harmony with what was already there.

Our solutions for the Sunroom/Dining Room area create a space that will bring in much more soft northern light on the lake side of the house, as well as add stylish details in the vaulted and timbered Dining Room ceiling.

The Master Bedroom is now separated from the Master Bath by the stair landing directly above the Front Entry area in the Main Living Room, negating any possiblity for privacy there. We have reclaimed all of this space to create an Entry/Office for the Master Suite, and to free up space and light in front of a large but obstructed window below.


Canvas Customization by Blue Dozen Design

Miller Graves - Custom Design & Renovation - Asheville NC