1925 Town Home

This exciting project is for a young couple starting a family and in need of a Master Bath, as well as more storage and living space in their beautiful old wooden house just north of downtown Asheville. Like all older houses, bathrooms and closets were limited and very small. The project includes raising the roof for a nice big Master Bath and new closet upstairs, bumping out the Living Room into the front porch space adding 96 square feet and 5 windows, as well as adding a new Powder Room under the stairs on the main level. Once the demolition began, the client decided to remove an unused chimney to free up more space for closets. Also, seeing the space exposed in the attic led to the addition of a little dormer with windows and the creation of a loft space for possible guest sleeping and extra storage. The added space plus 6 big skylights have completely transformed the space from old and dark to new and expansive. Construction is still in progress so I will be adding new photos as it progresses.

Canvas Customization by Blue Dozen Design

Miller Graves - Custom Design & Renovation - Asheville NC