MILLERGRAVESMiller Graves was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Georgia in 1989. Defining moments of her college career were two semesters in Europe. During the summer of 1987 she studied Classical History in Rome with extensive travel throughout central and southern Italy, Greece and Crete. And for her last semester of college she enjoyed Fall in Cortona, Italy, studying Fine Art and Architecture. Further travels included London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Barcelona, and many other cities and villages throughout Europe. It was during these travels that her love of Design and the “Evolution of a Space” was set in stone, and water, and light, so to speak.

In 1991 Miller moved to the island of St. John in the U. S. Virgin Islands where life was defined by the natural world in every way. During the next 11 years there, she spent her time living, working and sailing on wooden boats, pursuing her artistic interests, working many different trades and hospitality jobs, as well as co-designing and building a traditional mortise and tennoned “timber frame” home. Her understanding of efficient construction techniques in a beautiful but harsh environment was galvanized by years of seeing hundreds of houses being built, while working and living closely with the trades. Her understanding of steep slope excavation and construction while ensuring environmental protection were formed from seeing the immediate and sometimes severe consequences of poor planning.

Miller moved to Asheville, NC in the summer of 2002 and began converting her drawing skills to the computer. She worked with artistic designers and in several architectural firms as a designer and CAD drafter until the spring of 2008 when she gave her full attention to the renovation project of her own home in the Kenilworth neighborhood. She now works from an office in her new and improved home where there is lots of Light coming from the big windows and a greater sense of Peace.

“My desire is to communicate the spirit of a place and the people who live and work in it. I would like to efficiently and inexpensively help people create living spaces that will open the flow, communicate well with the outdoors, and endure for the next generation to enjoy.”

Canvas Customization by Blue Dozen Design

Miller Graves - Custom Design & Renovation - Asheville NC